Everlasting energy!

For Science Week 2015, Pierre Casaubieilh, French researcher in the MaREI centre in Cork, presents “EVERLASTING ENERGY!”.

What are you presenting for Science Week 2015?

Society today is energy hungry and this insatiable appetite has to be fed! But we have been feeding it with ‘dirty’ fuel like coal, oil and natural gas which are finite resources with damaging effects on our atmosphere, making energy security and climate change major global and societal challenges which need to be addressed today.

Aoife and I will amuse the audience’s curiosity by exploring the wind, hydro and solar sustainable solutions with models. Our goal is to encourage some to become part of the solution. I will use animated slides, videos and we will give practical and safe hands-on with models.


What are you working on?

I am currently involved in developing online courses for e-learning, using several technologies as learning tools, about ocean and marine energies sources (wind, tidal, waves, etc…) which are surrounding us. The aim is to make knowledge accessible to everyone.

I am also helping renewable energy projects in gathering data on various activities around Ireland and bringing technical expertise. I am contributing in making Ireland a reference country for Renewable Energies Research.

Who are you?

I did broad scientific studies in Physics and Chemistry. Since then, I have always combined multi-disciplinary skills in all the projects I have been involved in (medical imaging, chemical dissolution, biotechnologies, Renewable Energies).
In my spare time, I plan and build DIY installations to better use rain water (house, making “sound”…) and I offer solutions to deforestation and the energy access issues for developing countries.

I am very keen on sharing knowledge, raising the interest of the general Public and showing that technology is accessible to everyone.
I have previously taken part to science festivals such as Science Week (building a demo of a volcano with a chemical reaction), Lego Robot competitions and SeaFest 2015.

To find out more

When ? Two workshops, on Tuesday 10th November, at 10:00 am and 12:pm
- 10 am workshop: Cork City Library - Cork
- 12 pm workshop: Cork City Library or County Library (to be confirmed) - Cork

Free events but registration essential: aoife.deane@ucc.ie

More information: http://www.science.ie/events/find-events.html?search=1&text_search=marei

Published on 07/01/2016

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