2016 Song contest - Chantons en français!

In the context of the Month of Francophonie 2016 events and to celebrate French language and cultural diversity, the French Embassy in Ireland organizes a song contest for secondary schools.

Teachers are invited to let their students sing in French and created a video clip.

The theme of the contest is to discover Francophonie through the variety of expressions used in the different countries speaking French all around the world, via this years’ "10 words of the Francophonie" ("Dis-moi dix mots") : chafouin, fada, poudrerie, dépanneur, lumerotte, dracher, ristrette, vigousse, tap-tap et champagné.


Deadline for submitting the songs/videoclips is February 20th 2016.

Rules, guidelines and application information are available in this document (download) :

PDF - 592.9 kb
(PDF - 592.9 kb)

and online registration form is available here :

Contact for more informations : linguistic[at]ambafrance-ie.org

Published on 25/11/2016

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