Erasmus+ : a successful partnership in the hospitality sector [fr]

The French Embassy in Ireland recently launched a new Franco-Irish Network for Hospitality Schools within the Erasmus+ scheme. This network aims at strengthening student exchanges between two countries offering them more opportunities for professional training, internships or apprenticeships.

Elodie is an example of the efficiency of this partnership. A graduate from the Tunon Hospitality School in Bordeaux, she applied for an Erasmus+ grant in order to complete her professional training and gain a valuable experience abroad in an international market.

Elodie was quickly selected by the four star Hospitality Residence « Ariel House » in Dublin. Ariel House benefits from a fantastic location within the city centre of the Irish capital and boasts of great rankings on Trip Advisor (2nd among 172).

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Elodie and Deirdre McDonald (Ariel House)

Deirdre McDonald, from Ariel House, tutored Elodie during her traineeship and greatly appreciated the quality of Elodie’s initial training praising her command of French alongside English as Ariel House benefits a great number of international tourists from the USA and Europe.

Elodie benefitted from a €3,500 grant covering transport, housing and food-related fees for her three months training in Dublin within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. Part of this funding also went to language training for which Elodie was grateful as it enabled her to both improve her English and discover new teamwork practices in a diverse and multicultural environment.

For Deirdre, the quality of a hotel relies mostly on the qualities of the team, the food and the training they received. These three necessary elements are at the heart of the philosophy of the Franco-Irish Network for Hospitality Schools.

Hundreds of hospitality students from France and Ireland benefit from an experience abroad. The new Erasmus+ programme caters to their need and intends to facilitate movements and exchanges between the two countries. A new Facebook page was recently opened to help potential candidates between France and Ireland :

Published on 17/05/2017

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