Michelle: "Do what makes you happy!" [fr]

As part of the 30th anniversary of Erasmus, Irish students share with us their French experience. Discover Michelle’s story:

Irish students share their French experience with us.
For this month, follow Michelle’s story!

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m from Donegal and studied French and Irish at NUI Galway, I then went on to complete a Master’s in conference interpreting at NUIG before returning to France to work as a translator for a year. I now work as a freelance translator / interpreter in Dublin.

Why did you choose France?
I love the culture, the language, the food and the landscapes.

What are the outcomes from your study programme in France and international experience?
I became very proficient in French and was able to secure a translation job with a major company in Paris. I also did some interpreting for the Irish Embassy in Paris.

Your favorite word in French?

We hope you enjoyed your French culture shock! Any memorable cultural fact, experience?
Learning that if you don’t look a person in the eye when saying cheers, it means 7 years bad sex!

The soundtrack of your stay in France?
Alors on Danse (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHoT4N43jK8)

Have you brought back a French souvenir with you?
Too many to count, books from museums, beauty products, food, cookware, clothes bags, shoes...all sorts!

Any French habit you have kept?
I now prefer to eat a bigger lunch and smaller dinner later in the evening. I also enjoy cheese for dessert now too, especially with a glass of sauternes.

Where is your next destination?
I’ll be staying in Dublin for a while but I would like to explore more of Scandinavia and Italy in the future.

Share with us your motto!
Do what makes you happy.

Published on 03/04/2017

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