Special focus on French publications in Ireland [fr]

A significant stock of French publications are kept in Irish libraries, highlighted in this special issue of the "Irish Journal of French Studies".

In 2012, an international conference, organised with the support of the Embassy of France in Ireland, had showcased the importance of the stock of French publications kept in Irish libraries. The second phase of this subject is this special issue of the international journal The Irish Journal of French Studies, edited by Derval Conroy and Jean-Paul Pittion, under the title Print Culture in Early Modern France.

Through their original approaches and objects, these studies celebrate the diversity of French publishing under the Old Regime as well as the richness of these ancient stocks in Dublin. These studies as well are a testimony of the vitality of a research domain: historic and material bibliography. By highlighting the materiality of the print object, we rediscover characters of a world we have already lost, the world of past centuries printers, librarians, authors and readers.

Published on 03/01/2020

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