Why study abroad? What are the benefits?

A new COST project brings France & Ireland together in the exploration of the benefits of studying abroad.

JPEG These are the questions the COST project “Study Abroad Research in European Perspective” (SAREP) is addressing. Coordinated by Ireland, France being a member, this project fits into the frame of increasing international education and study abroad at both European and international level and wants to explore the benefits and limitations of study and residence abroad in the case of second language learners who participate in growing numbers in such international exchange programmes. The originality of the project lies in the multi-thematic prism, drawing on research relating to the learner’s linguistic, intercultural, social, personal, academic and professional development. The project includes researchers who bring cross- and inter-disciplinary insights, such as from the fields of second language acquisition, applied linguistics, language testing, language education, psychology, sociology and statistics.
SAREP started on the 20th April and brings together 18 countries. It is coordinated by Dr Martin Howard (French Department, University College Cork). In France, the University of Perpignan – through Dr Henry Tyne – is part of the network.
The COST projects are networking projects, allowing to bring together one or several research communities to work on a scientific subject and to bring together young researchers.

Published on 17/05/2017

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