[15 Nov] Mathematics: the Queen of the Sciences, or students’ nightmare? [fr]

Why are maths suffering from such a bad reputation when numbers and logic rule the world ? Join us for a journey and explore mathematics, with the screening of the movie « How I Came to Hate Maths ».

The evening will take place at the Alliance française Dublin on Wednesday 15th November. Free entrance with RSVP.


How I came to hate maths

Maths classes are a source of anxiety for so many students. At the same time, mathematicians discuss the beauty of the subject for hours. Why such a perception gap? Can maths teachers reduce it? We’ll look for answers during a public discussion, guided by the film How I Came to Hate Maths by Olivier Peyon, which takes us on a journey throughout the world in the company of some of the greatest Mathematicians, including Cédric Villani (2010 Fields Medal).
Screening followed by a discussion in English with mathematicians from France and Ireland and a reception.

Who are you, Dr. Victoria Lebed ?

I’m working at the Hamilton Mathematics Institute Institute in Trinity College Dublin. Before that I lived in Belarus (my birthplace), France (ye academic motherland) and Japan (I seem to have a taste for islands!). This nomadic life is usual for scientists and for many of us it is a privilege rather than a nuisance.

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Dr. Victoria Lebed

What are you working on ?

My research revolves around algebra and topology, rather abstract areas of mathematics. In many respects my work is closer to philosophy than to natural sciences. I enjoy exploring the structure of diverse mathematical objects, and unveiling what they have in common.
I like talking about maths, teaching it and helping others discover its beauty. I find it unfortunate that this beauty is often reserved to the small circle of scientists!

Practical information

Language: French, with English subtitles
Free entrance but rsvp mandatory
When : Wednesday 15th November, 6.30 pm (end 9 pm)
Where : Alliance Française Dublin, 1 Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Evening organised by Dr. Victoria Lebed with the support of the Embassy of France in Ireland.

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Published on 03/01/2020

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